+ Hyperion Financial Management Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is a Recurring Journal? Question2: What is an Auto Reversing. Frequently asked Hyperion Interview Questions with detailed answers and examples. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, part of the Oracle EPM Suite. 29 Jul Ans: Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology.

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A error probably it may be errors is a finaancial not found error that occurs when the Web Server receives a HTTP GET request for a file that does not exist on the server in the path specified.

Here what are the currencies you will define it will be automatically stored under Custom 1 and Custom 2 under Currencies system generated member. In Europe, this is the euro for member managementt. What is the use of Organization by Period? In shared services under the provisions. What is data audit in HFM? Switch Type for flow. You can access the Web-enabled portions of Hyperion Financial Management in this tier. Select the check box next to each period that you want to open.

HFM or Hyperion Financial Management Interview Questions

Security what will happen? You can display data and metadata, enter data, and maintain metadata in this tier. You can manually enter or edit data. Are you an expert at handling financial Management? Consolidate Consolidate all Consolidate all with data Question How do you create members in HFM? Inteerview you set node security as Entity, all members inteeview the value dimension would be visible How many dimensions are system defined and how many dimensions are user defined and what are they?


About Us VirtualNuggets has been established with the primary objective of providing contemporary IT Online Training services, corporate training and consulting services for the valued questione. Blue- Header cell Off White -An input cell. The Intercompany Partnership Dimension provides an efficient way to identify, report, and reconcile intercompany account differences.

What does an income statement contain Rough outline? How do you achieve closing process in HFM?

For example, the value for Questiojs is the same as the value for Mar. Join for a Free Demo. The mode of retrieving will be through data forms, data grids or smart view.

How many types of adjustments we can post. Jobs in Meghalaya Jobs in Shillong. Single data base is used to connect reporting studio. Can we load data in multiple currencies per entity? Rules are used to: Normally we will not select this for balance sheet accounts, because we will use closing rate for balance sheet accounts.

Allow adjustments for children. The acquiring company must recognize goodwill as an asset in its financial statements and present it as a separate questiona item on the balance sheet. We can link one form to another form. How many level of security in HFM? ICP members are not created by us directly.

The ability to managemrnt Lifecycle Management is controlled via a unique role for which the user must be provisioned. At the time of application profile creation, based the data enter by us We migrate application with copy application utility. Consolidate- will consolidate only what has changed from the previous execution of consolidation, including the execution of all necessary calculations and currency translations for individual entities the ones that have the impacted status of course.


Hyperion is dependent on services. If we create a journal as Auto Reversing Journal, the journal will post in the next period by reversing the Debit and Credit. Journals are generally used to adjust the data.

Oracle HFM Interview Questions & Answers (Part-2)

The Hyperion Financial Management Web client contains all functionality available in the Windows client with the exception of security administration. We are going to handle through process management. Consultant is not the one who decides to take either avg-rate of EOM rate; client will decide it time to time.

Following are system defined members for ICP dimension. Custom 1 Top Member. How do you achieve closing process in HFM? Financial Management is designed to operate as a multi tier system.

Oracle HFM Interview Questions & Answers (Part-2) | Oracle HFM Online Training

Balanced Un Balanced Balanced by entity Question And we should have the security authority to create journals. Default Rate for Balance Accounts: In value dimension, there are two type of members one is system defined which you find in brackets and another one is user defined, whenever we define a currency the system will automatically creates 3 value dimensions based on one particular currency enter by the user.

Assets, liabilities and ownership equity are listed as of a specific date, such as the end of its financial year. In entity dimension attributes we have to give the default currency for that particular entity.