Review. “Among India’s Mystics”. “His book tells the story of his search all over India and of his experiences and adventures among many who professed to be. Paul Brunton is the pen name of Raphael Hurst (21 October – 27 July ), a British theosophist and spiritualist. He is best known as one of the early popularizers of Neo-Hindu spiritualism in western esotericism, notably via his bestselling A Search in Secret India. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the.

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An aura of kindliness emanated from him. And I want reliable evidence; better still, something personal, something to which I can testify for my own satisfaction.

A Search in Secret India

He was drawn to the sage of arunachala just like the maharshi himself was drawn to the mountain shrine in his teenage. A minute slowly passes. He inxia been expecting you,” said the interpreter. Paul brunton a search in secret india smiles at everyone else until I shoot a sudden question through the silence. A wonderful, almost pictorial book. You are trying to reach the very source of the mind.

A Search in Secret India – Paul Brunton – Google Books

His fine bodily condition I attribute to his long practice of the Yoga of Body Control, though I now observe that he has advanced into the art of Mind Control. The devil of insomnia enters my life this night and is destined to haunt me until the day when my shoes tread Indian soil for the last time. Will the Sage give me such enlightenment as he thinks fit? My brain plays with paul brunton a search in secret india few thoughts.

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I refuse to have anything to do with them.

May 07, Bernie Gourley rated it really liked it Shelves: The answer has been placed immediately beneath the written question.

Th The author has taken us through his experience in India of finding a spiritual master.

A Search In Secret India

The drunkard pulled his beard, belaboured him with a stick and shouted disgusting epithets. Nay, it spreads and embraces all Asia within its eager tentacles. The Jew took seccret with him to a society in Cairo which conducted practical investigations, into magic, spiritualism, theosophy and the occult.

The facts cannot be gainsaid. Hazrat Babajan unlocked the door for me.

A Search in Secret India

Now, the outskirts of a large city like Madras were hardly suitable for a hermit who wished to seat himself in the open air and in full public gaze in dearch to plunge his mind into abstracted meditations for lengthy periods. My own Guru Pt. Oct 28, J. However, he finds these individuals as rare nuggets in a sea of frauds. He dis- mounted and approached her.

It is so low as to appear less than average height, and it is so receding as to make me wonder. Two silken mandarin coats adorn both sides of the doorway. The latter was told as a parting injunction: The holiest things in life are not bruited abroad in public.

There is another interlude of silence.

He gazes back at me. In almost all cases, Brunton had to take great initiative and steer off the beaten path to find the true masters. With the closing of the outer door I leave behind the grey, bleak Western world.


Secrey can bring our bodies nearer the healthy condition which Nature intended them to possess; it can bestow one of modern civilization’s most urgent needs – a flawless serenity of mind; and it paul brunton a search in secret india open the way to enduring treasures of the spirit to pzul who will labour for them. Instead of the white robe or voluminous cloak, he is sprucely dressed in well-fitting, modern clothes. Yes – I was alone with God.

Yet that “guru” who by his own account never accepted “disciples” and only ever called himself a “student” of the subjects he was writing about, spent a total of only six months as a house-guest of the Massons, staying no more than a few psul at a time during the period in question.

paul brunton a search in secret india Now began the tortuous and incomprehensible phase of his career. Yet Mme Blavatsky did not claim to control any mysterious spirits, as Mahmoud Bey had done. There was a likelihood that the man who was so dastardly would be lynched. But he is not ssecret, for he smiles at the enquiring Westerner and quickly answers: A minute later he pencils a reply and pushes the pad towards me.

His descriptions of the journey alone would make a beautiful travel journal. The population of this unusual colony reached into hundreds; intense religious fervour pervaded the whole place; and Meher Secrst was, of course, the centre of the whole picture.