De l’exotisme et du pittoresque, du sexe et du fanatisme, tels sont les ingrédients (torrides et subversifs) de Plateforme, dernier roman de Michel Houellebecq. Plateforme by Michel Houellebecq, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Toutes les informations de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France sur: Plateforme – Michel Houellebecq.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Platefoeme Policy. PS I love you Cecelia Ahern. Life, love, regret, die. But the consequence of that is that they cooperate in building up a gigantic network of prostitution. Meanwhile, you might want to answer this poll. The protagonist — who’s more or less to be identified with the author — enjoys just about nothing other than sex, and even that leaves him numb by the end.

The other tourists are fat and plebeian. Houellebecq belongs to no party except the Misanthrope Party, which is why he’s been able to enrage all elements of the political spectrum.

Michel Houellebecq

As she put it: So much so that when I turned over the last page the whole experience of reading it compared with having been come at in the face. But, oddly enough, it’s what he does for her that’s genuinely repulsive. She agreed, as long as I was the one to sodomise her. Can’t stand the masturbatory writing of Houellebecq. They love nothing more hojellebecq to devote their entire working lives to making you — yes you!

Plateforme by Houellebecq, Michel

Houellebecq was charged for inciting racial and religious hatred after describing Islam as “stupid”, but the charges were ultimately dismissed. We are the ones that put plateformw to their tables and so on. It has received both great praise and great criticism, most notably for the novel’s apparent condoning of sex tourism and Islamophobia. We met a really nice black couple; she was a nurse and he was a jazz drummer.


As he wistfully tells us, Thai prostitutes are the best in the world. That’s tough and hard to handle for our conditioned Western minds. Houellebecq, in my opinion, doesn’t have the chops. Mar 06, Nikos79 rated it really liked it. Preview — Platform by Michel Houellebecq. Shortly after they get back to Paris, they get together.

Refresh and try again. Are Michel Houellebecq and Haruki Murakami birds of a feather? View all 7 comments. Valerie and Renault begin an affair, and, after moving back to France, hatch a plan with Valerie’s boss who works in the travel industry in the Aurore group, an allusion to the real-life Accor group to launch a new variety of package holiday called “friendly tourism”, implicitly or explicitly aimed at Europeans looking for a sexual experience whilst on vacation.

I wasn’t happy, but I valued happiness and continued to aspire to it. The only thing that he actually enjoys is patronizing the occasional prostitute. Apparently it’s Michel’s cock that does the trick. After they’ve been to bed for the first time, she confesses how much she makes; it’s a lot more than he does.

The author also did a lot to show you how the mechanisms worked. She is of a type more likely plwteforme be found in French masculine fiction than in nature. It could be that Meursault has evolved and now turns his gun towards a different direction. View all 8 comments.


Pero n Lo siento, pero a mi Michel Houellebecq no me convence. Want to Read saving….

Michel Houellebecq – Wikiquote, le recueil de citations libres

He doesn’t quite manage to respond to her obvious advances, but she gives him her telephone number. People who bought this also bought. Are Murakami and Houellebecq birds of a feather? It is not a tautology but a statement of radical monotheism.

Plateforme : au milieu du monde

No silver lining in reality’s dense smog but no degradation either. Throughout, Houellebecq’s modeling of pleasure is precisely matched against apocalyptic social forces that the protagonists are inclined to utterly ignore as much as obliviously provoke.

Back in Paris, they embark on a love affair. Instead, he comes off as a sullen teenager houellebecs didn’t succeed in getting his curfew extended.

Michel is left bereft, and at the end of the novel he travels back to Thailand to die. I love the abstract nature of travel brochures, the way in which they reduce the whole world to a finite sequence of possible types of pleasure, and their associated prices; I particularly appreciate the system by which platefprme number of stars is used to indicate the intensity of pleasure one has the right to expect.