30 Mar Instant Health and Happiness by Practicing Psycho Neurobics – We all are aware that as a human being we are capable of performing amazing. 8 Sep Anyone can do the exercises of Psycho Neurobics. To keep your body healthy and mind happy, you should do some neuro muscular and. “With the grace of Supreme Doctor and regular practice of Psycho Neurobics helped my heart to create a natural by-pass and the direction of my life changed.

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Psycho Neurobics And Weight Management

Our Eternal Journey of Becoming. Registration Forgot your password? This is only truth in this physical world. It was a simple technique of maintaining harmonious relationship between mindbody, spirit and the Universe. This exercise should be performed preferably in morning during empty stomach. Testimonials “An eye opening experience The change has not been only superficial but one that has transformed my inner self.

Social media us good when used properly.

The word Yoga means to join or yoke together, and it brings the body and mind together. Your view Today’s Seminar Workshop: So physical energy can do only physical and mechanical works where as spiritual energy can do all physical along with neurobisc works.

Add neurobiics Spiritual Diary. This is one of basic and most important exercises to cure any type of diseases.

The effect of vowel sound vibrations is so powerful that almost every religion has been using this sound.

The discipline helps you understand the nature of your mind and body better and also allows you to control your body and psyche in a much better way.


The six forms of psychp are interchangeable according to the law of thermodynamics, mechanical, chemical, heat, electrical, light, and nuclear energies can be interchanged. Psycho Neurobics And Hypertension. List of important venues are as under: These vibrations root out the poisonous elements Also called neuro toxins out of the body and make five elements of our body pure and healthy. Social media us good when used properly.

You may also like. Alternative MedicinePhD. By doing these exercises, your mind, body and Soul will remain fit forever.

All the university facilities at door step. The human body uses the food we eat to provide sufficient energy in order neuribics perform all types of work. neirobics

Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign. As any energy have its two forms these are potential and kinetic energy. Yogic exercises like Kapal Bhati etc cannot be practiced by hospitalised patients because of serious sicknesses. Women at greater risk of heart attack from unhealthy lifestyle than men study finds.

Nobody says that thoughts and emotions come in the soul. Through the brain there is a long wire till coccyx region which is called the spinal cord.

We all are aware that as a human being we are capable of performing amazing physical feats. Soul receives spiritual energy from Supreme Source and sends it to Mind for further distribution. Extra training for any competitive exams after M.

When it can no longer generate this energy it is called “brain death”. A truly well presented workshop that is a must attend for all ages. Write down the following address in a couple of places and bookmark it. He was suffering from cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C. A simple food guide for weight loss. Due to the stress that we all encounter in our day to day life, this channelization of energy gets disturbed which causes natural harmony among mind-body-spirit to fall out of place.


Connect your Mind and Intellect with Supreme Soul. He first applied this new methodology on himself and got cured from life threatening diseases in his life.

Healing and Cure by Supreme Doctor Part – I

Apart from interior of India, He has also visited other countries like: It is surprising to think that thousands of years ago there were no slimming centres, no diet courses pssycho no machinery but still people had lean healthy and vital bodies. Energy neurobice in a variety of other forms in nature, such as the light energy of the sun, nuclear energy in uranium, electrical energy in lightning storms, heat energy in fires, and chemical energy in oil.

Transfer of Spiritual Energy from Soul to Nekrobics Soul is the source of spiritual energy responsible for the biological functions of the human body and Soul uses mind as an instrument in this whole process. Our Eternal Journey of Becoming. Due to the absence of spiritual energy, the limbs of a dead body cannot function.

This is the basic difference between physical and spiritual energy. Women at greater risk of heart attack from unhealthy lifestyle than men study finds.

Psycho Neurobics And Weight Management. CURE diseases and problems such as: Diya – A Spiritual Perspective.