collection of land revenue, preparation of land records and other jurisdiction under Section of the Punjab Land Revenue Act, to decide. Get this from a library! The Sindh Land Revenue Act, & Sindh Land revenue rules as applicable to the Province of Sindh, amended up to date. [Nazar. 15 Jul PAS/Legis-B/ The Sindh Land Revenue (Amendment) Bill, In the Sind Land Revenue Act,, hereinafter referred to as the.

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Land Revenue Laws

Conferment of powers of Revenue Officers. Nazar Muhammad Laghari ; Sindh Pakistan. Explanation— In this section, and in sectionsandCollector shall be deemed to include any Revenue Officer appointed by Government to perform the functions of Collector 19677 all or any of the provisions thereof. Save, as otherwise provided by this Act, the period of limitation for an appeal under section shall run from the date of the order appealed against and shall be—.

Substitution of arbitrators by parties. The power to make any rules under this Act is subject to the condition of the rules being made after previous sindh land revenue act 1967. Cancel Forgot your password? sindh land revenue act 1967

Proceedings against other immovable property of defaulter. Additional Commissioners and Additional Collectors. Rights transferred to be liable to all the incidents of tenure of the deh of which sindh land revenue act 1967 transfer is made.

Information about increase in the extent of ownership. Provided that if he orders that the cost of any such proceedings shall not follow the event, he shall record his reasons for the order.

Deposit by purchaser in case of sale of immovable property. Clerical or arithmetical mistakes in any decree, or order made by Revenue Officer, or errors therein from any accidental slip or omission may, at any time, be corrected by such officer. Presumption as to ownership of forests quarries and waste lands. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, a land owner, owning land mentioned in column 2 of the table below shall be liable to sindh land revenue act 1967 land-revenue at the enhanced rate mentioned against such land in column 3 thereof: Recovery of other demands by Revenue Officers.


Recovery of certain arrears through Revenue Officers instead of by suit. In all official acts and proceedings, a Revenue Officer shall, in the absence of any express provision of law to the contrary, be subject as to the place, time and manner of performing his functions, to the direction and control of the officer to whom sindh land revenue act 1967 is subordinate. Every land owner shall be responsible for the maintenance and good repair of the boundary and survey marks of sindh land revenue act 1967 holding, and for any charges reasonably incurred on account of the same by the Revenue Officers in cases of alteration, removal or disrepair.

Compensation for infringement of rights xct third parties in exercise of a Right of Government. Arrest of defaulter to be made upon warrant —. Every Village Officer of a deh shall be bound to furnish a Revenue Officer rrevenue information acf the destruction or removal of, or any injury done to’, any boundary or sindh land revenue act 1967 lans lawfully erected in the deh.

No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings shall lie against a Revenue Officer for anything done or ordered to be done in good faith by him as such in pursuance of the provisions of this Act, or of any other law for the time being in force.

Effect of sale an encumbrances. Rights of Government in mines and minerals. Award of compensation and extinguishment of rights thereby.

Farms — Taxation — Law and legislation — Pakistan — Sindh. Distribution of revenue and rent after partition.

Stay of proceedings and execution of orders and decrees. Report of destruction or removal of or injury to boundary or survey marks. Responsibility for the maintenance of boundary and survey marks. Provided that no interests save those of the defaulter alone shall be so proceeded against, and no sindh land revenue act 1967 lnd, grants made or contracts entered into by him in good sindh land revenue act 1967 shall be rendered invalid by reason only of his interests being proceeded against.


Mode of service of summons sindh land revenue act 1967. The costs revsnue any process issued under this Chapter shall be xindh as part of the arrear of land-revenue in respect of which the process was issued. Power to deposit certain sums other than rent. Except where the class of Revenue Officers by whom any function is to be performed is specified in this Act, the Board of Revenue may, by notification, determine the functions to be performed under this Act by any class of Revenue Officers.

Available lahd Law House, So far as may be, the rules shall be consistent with the provisions of this Act and shall specify the period for which such exception shall remain in force.

Certain appointments to be notified. Rules regulating appointments etc.

Sindh Land Revenue Act – Mukhtiarkar

Order of reference and contents thereof. Nothing in the Arbitration Act, Act X ofshall apply to any arbitration under this Chapter. The Collector may, from time to time, postpone the sale for reasons to sjndh recorded in writing.

Mode sindh land revenue act 1967 making proclamation —. If the land-revenue is assessed as a fixed annual charge, the amount thereof, and if it is assessed in the form of prescribed rate, the average amount which, according to an estimate in writing approved by Government or the Board of Revenue, as the case may be, will be leviable annually, shall not, in the sindh land revenue act 1967 of an assessment circle, exceed one-fourth of the estimated money-value of the net assets of such assessment circle.