The Skybus technology has a no of advantages over conventional metro rail systems. * Cost of construction is said to be about one-third that of underground. Skybus Metro The Skybus Metro was a prototype suspended railway system by Indian technologist B. Rajaram with the Konkan Railway.[1] The system. 30 Nov This is new technology of transportation. SKYBUS METRO AS A MODE OF TRANSPORTATION Seminar presented by R PRAMOD.

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Its carriage looks like a bus, but it runs like a train, and instead of the compartments running on rails, they hang below the rails and slide 10 metres above the regular road traffic. An Easy Route for Corruption?

Skybus Metro – Wikipedia

Contrary to the views of its managing directors, the Konkan railway website mentions that – Sky Bus metro falls under tramway category, under Art 20 of Constitution of India, since it operates along existing roadways and within municipal limits, hence excluded from Indian railway act. The two-coach Skybus has a capacity for passengers on a single trip and depending on the number of coaches, it is expected to handle 18, to one lakh passengers per hour.

The station is an air-conditioned platform 5. Langen also designed the Schwebebahn Dresden, a funicular railway using the same suspended monorail technology. He then wanted to know how the coaches would change tracks after reaching the end of the track.

After a period of Allied occupation, two German states were founded, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, inthe country was reunified. Hence, one knew how far one was from Rome. I also approached TUV Rheinland, Germany, a renowned name in technical services for an independent assessment.


Rajaram defended Sky Bus, stating that the accident was avoidable. Its full name is Electric Elevated Railway Installation, Eugen Langen System and it is the oldest electric elevated railway with hanging cars in the world and is a unique system.

Managing director Bhanu Prakash Tayal shared merto KRC was unable to engineer critical components like the “swing arrestor” and “switching apparatus” which could have potentially addressed the safety concerns that surrounded the project since the accident.

Milestone, Knightsbridge, London geograph. The arrival of the British saw drastic improvements in the carriages which were used for transport since early days. A further km of lines are under construction, Metro rail lines in India are composed of both standard gauge and broad gauge. Interior of the Metro coach on inauguration day.

The maximum radius of vertical curve was m. A train leaving Edapally Station. Hyderabad Metro Uppal Station under construction 2. This form of the mile then spread to the British-colonized nations who continue to employ the mile, the US Geological Survey now employs the metre for official purposes but legacy data from its geodetic datum has meant that a separate US survey mile continues to see some use. The first passenger train ran on Konkan railway tracks on 20 March between Udupi and Mangaluru, during its initial years of operation in the mountainous Konkan region, a spate of accidents prompted Konkan Railway to investigate new technologies.

Today, they are used in towns and are referred as Tonga or buggies.

Skybus Metro

The sharpest curve had a radius of m. Railcar s of the Mumbai Metro in The traverser automatically shifts units between tracks. Derived units such as miles per hour and miles per gallon, however, continue to be abbreviated as mph, mpg.


Any experimental set up is bound to have over enthusiastic youngsters taking liberties.

A distance of 50m from the last station to the traverser is maintained to provide holding capacity for two units as a third unit is getting traversed in case of unforeseen delay. The km line connects Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka states in India, the first train on the completed track was flagged off on January 26, the Republic Day of India.

It is bounded by Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and it is Indias smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by xkybus. Motor vehicle population in India is low by standards, with only Olive tree sabotage plagues Palestinian farmers.

The installation and stations were built by three companies, among them the company of Friedrich Harkort, in the first track of the Wuppertal Schwebebahn opened, in it was extended to the final length of Subway line in WarsawPoland on Wilanowska station. Modern use of the palanquin is limited to Indian weddings and Pilgrimage, Hand-pulled rickshaw is still available in the city of Kolkata wherein a person pulls the rickshaw by emtro.

Rajaram with the Konkan Railway.