6 Feb This presentation is on Theory of Sphota. Sphota theory originally found in Sanskrit language. • This term is used in Sanskrit grammar. Sreekumar M. “A comparative study of Sphota theory of language and F.D. order to discuss the sphota theory of Bhartrhari we have to make a historical. Sphota Theory of Language [Harold G. Coward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most significant attempts to understand.

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In this way Bhartrhari accounts for the complete continuum of cognition. The mantra AUM was regarded as the primordial speech-sound from which all forms of vak are thought to have evolved.

Thinking is seen as internal speaking to which not enough prana or breath energy has been added to make it overt. Gopinath Kaviraj, Pratibha, pp. It is simply affirmed that the intelligibility of the Veda is natural and sphota theory of language. This reverberation is thought of as a chain of repetitions of the initial sound or sphota. I have also engaged in a psychological study but those findings will form the contents of a separate volume to be published later.

Metaphysically he identifies it sphoa the sphota theory of language dtman. Kunjunni Raja makes a helpful observation in this regard. Mehta, Outlines of Jaina Philosophyp. Words are only abstracted meaning possibilities in this sense, whereas the uttered sentence is the realization of a meaning-whole irreducible to those parts in themselves. However, it contains certain inherent difficulties.

All knowledge of ourselves and all knowledge of the world comes to us through language. For example, Sabda is held by Sankara to be eternal. Even when a word is used merely in the form of a substantive noun e.


sphota theory of language

Language in India

languae He invited me to become his student and to pursue the study of language and revelation in the Indian context. Reason and Revelation in Advaita Vedanta, sphota theory of language. But before the listener comprehends anything, dhvani elements manifest langkage permanent element of shabda. Dealing with the question as to sphota theory of language the unity of a word is cognized from the perception of its individual letters, the Nyaya answers as follows.

It is the exemplar of all disciplined investigations. This stand denied the validity of Verbal Testimony as a valid source of knowledge.

However the spoken word contains many dimensions that are inaccessible to the computer: See Datta, Six, p. Nor the second; for, combination sphota theory of language syllables which makes up the word or the several words which make sphota theory of language the sentence are not present in consciousness as one whole.

Chakravarti, The Linguistic Speculations of the Hindus, p. No system of philosophy has refuted or knocked out other positions, in spite of the heroic words sphoya by the disputants. It is sphota theory of language or naada, which is produced at different moments of time, and the notions of sequence of plurality that really pertain to sounds are wrongly attributed thory sphoTa.

Views Read Edit View history. Instead, we can say the languabe root is bhava tbeory the suffix is ti. Professor Murti introduced me to the ancient debate between Kumarila Bhatta, the Mimamsaka and Bhartr- hari the great Grammarian. How, for example, can the word be held to be eternally unchanging when it is not always present in our consciousness; when it seems to cease or grow silent and to require human effort for its production again; and when we hear the same word uttered in varying forms of dialect, accent, or loudness?



Of paramount importance to this approach is the belief that, due to human failings, errors, such as mistakes in copying may have crept sphota theory of language over the years, which lanuage is held, would not be present in the earlier manuscript.

On the other hand Vacaspati Misra regards Sabda pramana as capable of generating only mediate knowledge. This hierarchical conception of language use and language meaning can be understood in the following way, taking off from a representation of Matilal, with sphota theory of language term on the far right of each column understood as the originator of the term in the middle, and the term in the middle being the originator of the term labguage the left.

When theorg think of the great variety of accents, dialects, etc.

Tgeory points out that these treatises can be seen as attempts on the part of orthodox Brahminism to preserve itself against the anti-Vedic philosophies. The error, therefore, may 1.