A review of The Mind of the Strategist, by Japanese strategy consultant, Kenichi Ohmae. The Mind of the Strategist has ratings and 34 reviews. Nanette said: A must- read for every member of an organization, not just strategists. This is n. Kenichi Ohmae is an impressive man. Visiting his office in downtown Tokyo is to step into a parallel universe of influence and connectivity. The.

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The Mind of the Strategist

August 20, – Published on Amazon. This can be accomplished in four different ways: Attempt to avoid errors of strategic thinking, including: Look at the advantages and disadvantages of changing that component. It gives a very good overview of how a manager can inculcate strategic thinking in his work. One is to analyze the industry, looking at each segment, defining how competitors in each area behave and drawing some overall conclusions about the success factors.

Meanwhile, there are some things that might improve safety but that the company simply cannot do. Companies that opt to outsource some operations make a clear decision, a commitment, usually based dtrategist costs, to change what their company does and to focus their resources on what they do best. Also, strategic thinking involves asking the right questions in a solution-oriented manner and conducting appropriate analyses to formulate plans and strategy.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Please try again later. What is the correct question? Mar 03, Dominic Pride rated it really liked it.

Latest Podcast Ricardo Vargas: The Mind of the Strategist is not an unquestioning eulogy to the Japanese approach to strategy. And the fundamental fact of the book is to be able to let an entrepreneur know what is strategic business plan are about distinguished it from all another kind of business planning. One of the best practitioners of this method is Taiichi Ohno of Toyota.

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It takes a certain disciplined creativity to question what everyone else takes for granted. The second half of the book examines cases from Japan in the 80s so it might not appeal to everyone. Sony had a great reputation for quality in the U. Thought the examples given are several decades old, but you get the essence.

Ohmae points out that unlike large US corporations, Japanese businesses tend not to have large strategic planning staffs. This may mean literally taking your product apart, taking your competitor’s product apart and comparing the two.

Manager’s need intellectual flexibility and creativity to devise realistic responses to changing situations. Clearly, though, it is necessary to answer the third question before moving to the second, and then the first. Here are some strategic thrust examples:. Banking, for example, is about collecting money at a low cost and lending it at a higher return.

Written by a master strategist – Kenichi Ohmae He points clearly the need to groom creativity and imagination in our daily activities, in that way we will avoid being crammed into meaningless thread mills of unproductive work ethics.

Previously, the Japanese had been feted in the Ot for the brilliance of their rationality and the far-sighted remorselessness of sfrategist thinking. The first step in strategy is to identify the one issue that matters most, “the critical issue”.

The Mind of the Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business by Kenichi Ohmae

Offering solace to the bemused and increasingly uncompetitive West, Ohmae suggests that the necessary creativity can be learned. It was well-engineered, but so heavy that distributors were not willing to carry and install it.


I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Ask, ‘what are the causes?

The Mind of the Strategist – Thinkers 50

Rather, he kenichj exploring with the reader the ways in This book, full of actual examples, aims to bring to life all of the dynamic, subtlety, and variety of business strategy as it is practiced in the real world and in real companies. See 1 question about The Mind of the Strategist…. Would that a revised edition of the work is done to encompass the current cyber-physically related business space on the cusps of Industry 4. Strategic planning and strategic action should proceed in the areas where the company is indeed free to move.

Diagram the issue or question e. How can we reduce overtime or maybe Do we have enough staff or perhaps, Does our staff have the necessary skills to do the work in a timely manner? Analytical methods can help anyone arrive at a workable definition of the critical issue. The purpose of strategy is to maximize one’s advantage. Exploit any degrees of freedom to act. Both systems, he says, encourage orthodoxy to the extent that innovative strategic thinking is neither encouraged nor possible.

Given that this books was written decades ago, some of the ideas discussed in the book are no longer relevant. Critical strategic choices must be confronted – with an implied requirement that an organisation achieve strategic fit with its people, technology and processes 4.