My good friend dug out his ogre kingdoms army recently and we played a couple games of 8th edition. He has been unceremoniously tabled. I’ve recently invested in some Ogres as my latest Fantasy army due to the great new stuff they get in their recently updated Army Book. The only. 5 Jan The Special section of the Ogre list offers a wide variety of units, all of The new rules for 8th edition regarding missile weapons allows you to.

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Ogres at their core are still pretty bad infantry and if you put them together in big groups, peoples Warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition infantry can mug the hell out of it with multiple charges. In the right situations, Bonecrusher can be a very useful spell; however a lot of the time you may struggle to find a good target. This means that any wizard that is unfortunate enough to be hit by Bonecrusher will immediately lose most or all of its levels and be rendered useless – the feeble Strength of the spell doesn’t matter, as it’s only the hits that are required.

They would have the same ‘Fall Over’ rule as the regular giant but it takes effect on a roll of 1 or 2 instead of 1 and warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition takes effect if the giant is within water terrain. You can now take a Slaughtermaster without first taking a Tyrant.

I have a lengthy article devoted entirely to Gut Magicso I will only go into the briefest details here.

Another ‘gut punch’ by having a bad army book. I deployed everything on my left flank, near the table edge. If you include a Butcher or Slaughtermaster, then one wizard must take the Lore of the Great Maw, however kingodms does not have to be the army’s main spellcaster. That said, a few named characters do have abilities and wargear or wargear warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition unique to them, so if you absolutely need to have them, go ahead.

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Unfortunately, possibly the best warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition for this spell is a unit like Ogres. For this reason, if you are worried about opponents flanking you, place a single ogre in the warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition rank, to double your attacks sideways without reducing your attack forward by too much. If there are non-fleeing enemies within 8″ kinhdoms you when you start your move, you cannot march and are reduced to moving 6″, which is Dwarf speed.


And possibly limiting it to one firebelly per army much like the “Master of the Dead” rule in the VC army book.

For pretty much the same cost, other armies tend to have much better resilience. Ironblaster — this unit is slightly more interesting than the scraplauncher because it adds some ranged anti-monster punch. They need to rely on other ways to make their units Stubborn, which makes Spinemarrow a potentially important spell. I hate to discourage anyone from a hobby warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition when they get that look in their eyes like you’ve got. See warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition items More As far as magic defense, Hellheart and the great skull have both been excellent deterrents, but the great skull takes away survivability to mundane 8tb.

Where The Maw is superior is the ability to inflict weak hits even on targets that escape its worst effects. Just keep your Tyrant nearby, and these little guys warhmmer going anywhere. Moderate ogge self-promotion along the 9: Added Bicker to Gnoblars. If your units is going to win the combat by miles anyway, auto-breaking is less than a bonus than when you win it by one point against a high-Ld enemy.

Since you don’t 8fh cheap, cheerful casters or any back line to bunker them in you won’t typically have scrolls or other minor items to give you a leg warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition.

Ogre Kingdoms Army Book Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

Depending on the size of ogrs game, you can wait for gorgers to arrive if you’re not already within warmachine shooty distance. An Ogre Tyrant has a great selection ogfe items at his disposal, good Leadership, great combat stats and is nearly unkillable unless the opponent is very lucky or carries very specific warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition.

Now, for killing soft and squishy things, you want Bulls. Basketful of Crap Hard Luck Hank: So to sum it up: Against large, multi-wound targets, The Maw seems like a poor man’s Pit of Shades.

Ogres also lack any kind of movement spell. One of the really sad fallacies about monstrous infantry is that stomp was a “big boost”.

Want to add to the discussion? Lore of the Great Maw.

Also, Cracks, Call and Globe can wreck havok in your linesjust take care around the weapons teams and war machines, they are inaccurate to warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition point of crazy but if they do roll well they can ruin your day in a hurry. The good thing here is that an opponent is more likely to charge an warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition bait unit than a cheap one, and so they can be placed further away and may actually flee far enough to get out of charge range, though as mentioned this will mean the opponent only makes a normal move towards them rather than a double.


Scraplauncher – chariot with low strength but autowound on 6s catapult. Taking a Tyrant whenever possible and having either the Fistful of Laurels or a Battle Standard nearby when a break test is taken greatly reduces the chances of failing.

This is a bad thing, because cavalry can often hit as hard as you do and are difficult to damage in return. Remember that you must make sure your combat unit has a line of sight to the target or they will not be allowed to declare a charge. They can be fielded as large combat blocks or strong supporting units Overall Rating: Also beware the Doomwheel.

Added “Down to the Ironguts” to Ironguts. It is often claimed by some Warhammer players that Weapon oingdoms is one of the worst stats out there to be good in and that they get a very low return for having WS4 on their missile infantry units. This approach works quite well against not too nasty knights.

Warhammer 8th Edition Ogre Kingdoms army book. Hardback | eBay

You’ll have to rely on orge things Considering the high cost of an ogre, there is very little point in placing them in two ranks, even more so in 7th edition, where ranks need to be 5 wide to count.

Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: What multiple wounds do is to preserve your kijgdoms and unit strength when you take damage. In my army, for warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition, every ogre is expected to do his part and none are taken to warhammer ogre kingdoms 8th edition in rear ranks temporary formation changes excluded.